Water Department

Water Conservation Measures in Effect

This summer switched from wet to dry early and fast.  As a result, Tuttle is now purchasing water from the City of Newcastle earlier than we do most years.  Newcastle purchases most of their water from the City of Oklahoma City.  Anytime Tuttle (or any other community) purchases water coming from Oklahoma City, we are required to implement Oklahoma City’s Water Conservation Measures.  These measures are already in place for most central Oklahoma communities.  Oklahoma City currently requires odd/even outdoor watering year-round.  Until further notice, Tuttle water customers whose street address ends in an even number should only water outside on even-numbered calendar days.  Those with a street address ending in an odd number should only water outside on odd-numbered calendar days. 

For more information regarding the City of Oklahoma City’s Water Conversation Measures, you can visit their website at https://www.okc.gov/departments/utilities/squeeze-every-drop/water-conservation-program/water-conservation-measures

For more information regarding outdoor water saving tips from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality visit https://www.deq.ok.gov/wp-content/uploads/deqmainresources/OutdoorWaterConservation_06-2019.pdf.

For more information regarding kitchen and laundry water savings tips from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality visit https://www.deq.ok.gov/wp-content/uploads/deqmainresources/KitchenLaundryConservation_06-2019.pdf..

Water Issues?

To report any problems with your City of Tuttle water service, please call 405-381-5902 during normal office hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) and the Tuttle Police Department at 405-381-4467 after hours and on holidays.

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