Tree Limb Disposal

All information regarding the Tree Debris Disposal Pick-Up Program and the Tree Debris Disposal Center will be posted at  

Tree Debris Curbside Pickup

The City of Tuttle Public Works Department will be collecting tree debris from the October 2020 Ice Storm for Tuttle residential properties only.  Pickup is not available for businesses, churches, apartment complexes or large agricultural/vacant properties (use of the Tree Debris Disposal Center will be available to all Tuttle property owners).

There will be two rounds of debris pick up.  The first round will begin on Monday, November 9th.  Crews will begin at the west city limits and work their way east.  We expect this round to take through winter, and maybe longer.  Please be patient. Public Works will begin a second and final round of pick up, again moving west to east, this could be as late as spring break.  The second round dates will be announced at a later time.  A map showing the progress of the debris pickup will be available on the City’s webpage,  Green areas show the first round of completed tree limb removal.  The orange areas are where Public Works is currently working.

Tree debris must be cut into no more than six-foot sections and must be placed within 10 feet of the curb or edge of roadway of the residence.  Please do not block the drainage path of bar ditches if possible.   Do not pile debris on top of or block water meters, gas meters, electric facilities, mailboxes, fire hydrants, irrigation systems, or sight triangles.  

Tree Debris Disposal Center

For Tuttle and Northern Grady County residents and businesses wanting to dispose of debris sooner, they will be able to drop off at the City of Tuttle’s temporary Tree Debris Disposal Center beginning Monday, November 9th (we believe all federal and state approvals will be in place by then). There will be no charge for City of Tuttle and Northern Grady County residents, businesses, and property owners. Drop off services will be Mondays through Fridays between 8:30 am to Noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm (excluding holidays), and Saturdays from 8:30 am to Noon. (Note: the site may be closed due to weather conditions). All tree debris must originate from the resident’s or business’s Tuttle property (commercial tree limb cleanup businesses may not use this facility). Residents and businesses will be required to provide their address when accessing the Tree Debris Disposal Center. It will not be necessary to bring a current utility bill. Tree debris must be cut into no longer than 6-foot sections.

The address for the Tree Debris Disposal Center is 2670 E Silver City Ridge. This is 0.3 miles west from the intersection of E Silver City Ridge and N Cemetery Road, as seen on the map below.

Southeast Landfill

All Tuttle trash customers are able to take one load of trash to Southeast Landfill each month.  Click here for more information.