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February 14, 2020 5:00 PM


7:15 PM UPDATE | Water will be turned off from 8 AM- 11 AM tomorrow. Everyone west of Richland Rd. will be affected. Thank you for your understanding.

3:05 PM UPDATE | Repair is made and the system is pressuring up. Many may experience air pockets for a moment, while the system returns back to normal.

12: 10 PM UPDATE | Tuttle Residents on city water that live west of Richland Rd will likely lose water service from 1PM -6PM while the water line is being repaired. City Hall will be open for anyone needing to use the restrooms during this time. Thanks for your patience, we will keep you updated.

5:00 PM | There is a water main break at Cimarron Rd. and Williams St.
Williams Street will be closed this evening. Crews will begin making repairs tomorrow. We will update the public as soon as these repairs have been finalized. Thanks for your patience.

water main break
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