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1. I have a shop building, do I need a separate installation?
2. Will this be Internet and television?
3. How soon will all this happen?
4. Does the Tuttle Fiber person need access to the inside of my house?
5. Will the cable be buried?
6. Can I change my plan once I start the service?
7. Where can I find out the cost?
8. Where can I find out about the speed?
9. Do I have to buy my own modem?
10. Why is there an installation charge?
11. When will my billing start?
12. What if I want to keep my current provider?
13. What if I want my outside box connected to a location clear to the back of my house or shop?
14. What if I did not pre-register, and now I see the contractor in my neighborhood, can I still get the internet service?
15. Can I move the flags to mow?